Comfees Premium Baby Diapers, Moderate-Absorbent, Tab Closure, Kid Design, Size 7


  • Comfees® diapers feature the Comfees® Total Fit System™ that stops leaks to keep babies dry
  • The SoftFlex design to have a flexible waistband and stretchy tabs for a comfortable and secure fit
  • Comfees® premium diapers size 7 move naturally with a baby’s body for support
  • The diaper has a soft breathable cloth-like outside with an absorbent core and a soft inside liner to prevent allergic reactions
  • Comfees® baby diapers provide DriNite® protection for up to 12 hours so babies can sleep at night
  • This disposable product is unscented and decorated with a colorful kid design for ease of handling

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